Best used cars in 2024

1. Best used city car: Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 proves that you doesn’t have you have to compromise on comfort or on desirable features just because you’re buying a small car. Despite being compact enough to squeeze into all but the tiniest of parking spaces, the i10 gives you interior space for four adults and it feels solid and comfortable on the road.

Few small hatchbacks are as cost-effective as the Hyundai i10: it won’t cost much to buy or run, yet you get a decent amount of equipment for your money and every version of the latest model (on sale new since 2020) has air con, cruise control and lots of high-tech safety features.

You could also benefit from the balance of Hyundai’s longer-than-average manufacturer’s warranty, which covers the car for five years with no mileage limit.

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Hyundai i10

2. Best used compact car: Ford Fiesta

One thing is for certain: if you’re thinking of buying a used Ford Fiesta you’ll have many to choose from. That’s because it’s consistently been at – or near – the top of the charts for UK new-car sales for the past decade or so.

Whichever version you choose, you’re getting a car that’s more enjoyable to drive than most rivals, and which feels assured and comfortable at speed. You could spend hours studying the huge number of engine and trim combinations available but you can’t go far wrong with big-selling options such as the 1.0 Ecoboost petrol engine in either Zetec or Titanium trim. That’ll give you low running costs, decent power and a good range of features as standard.

Ford Fiesta 2017- review

3. Best used hatchback: Volkswagen Golf

You’ll struggle to find a car with a more universal appeal than the Volkswagen Golf, because there are so many versions to choose from and it’s good at just about everything.

You’ll find two different versions of the Golf for sale at Cazoo – the latest model, which has been on sale new since 2020, and the previous version (pictured), which was sold new between 2013 and 2020. Both are excellent cars, giving you lots of desirable features, enough space for four adults and their luggage, a choice of efficient engines and a smooth, satisfying drive.

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Yellow Volkswagen Golf 2013-2020 driving down a country road

4. Best used estate car: Skoda Superb

Size isn’t everything but the Skoda Superb Estate’s boot is one of the largest around and, for many people, that’s one of the main reasons for buying an estate car. A capacity of 660 litres up to the load cover is more than double what you get in most compact cars and it translates into enough space for six large suitcases or two large dogs to lounge in comfort.

There’s more to the Superb than just a huge boot, though. It’s also comfortable and reassuring to drive and has a high-quality interior that has as much headroom and legroom as many luxury cars. Like most Skodas, the Superb is excellent value for money and most versions give you very sensible running costs.

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2020 Skoda Superb estate [blue] rear

5. Best used family car: Skoda Kodiaq

Another Skoda? Yep, and seeing the Skoda Kodiaq here shouldn’t be a surprise because Skoda’s cars tend to be more comfortable, more cost-effective and more practical than many of its rivals and those three things are key factors for a family car.

Every Skoda model is family-friendly, although none is quite as suited to family life as the Kodiaq. It’s a smart SUV that’s spacious, well equipped and available as a five-seater with a huge boot or a seven-seater with a pair of third-row seats that fold away when you don’t need them. It’s a pleasure to drive and feels built to last. What more could you want from a family car?

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A white Skoda Kodiaq driving

6. Best used compact SUV: Peugeot 2008

If you’re considering buying a compact SUV, you already know what makes them so appealing: a commanding driving position, tough looks and lots of interior space in a compact, easy-to-park package.

The latest Peugeot 2008 (sold new since 2019) gives you all that and more. It’s one of the most distinctive-looking cars of its type, for a start, with a futuristic design inside and out. It’s got a great range of engines, with a choice of petrol and diesel versions that are quiet and especially fuel-efficient. And if you want zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the potential for even lower running costs, there’s also the pure-electric version, called the e-2008.

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Peugeot 2008 2019- review

7. Best used SUV: Audi Q5

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great SUV but when it comes to ticking all the boxes, few do it as well as the Audi Q5. It has all the quality and high-tech features you expect of an Audi, wrapped up in a stylish SUV package that gives you a high driving position and lots of interior space.

Every version is smooth and enjoyable to drive and you have a wide range of models to choose from. The latest model (pictured), on sale new since 2017, has four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox as standard and it feels like a truly premium product.

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White Audi Q5 parked


8. Best used 4×4: Land Rover Discovery

If you want a seven-seater that gives you a sense of adventure every time you and your passengers get on board, the Land Rover Discovery could be right up your street (or off-road track). Whether you’re on the motorway, a city street, the middle of a field or trekking up a mountain, the Discovery is unflappable and lets you travel in quiet comfort.

It makes a brilliant family car thanks to its hugely spacious interior, and the ability to fold all or some of the five rear seats up or down as necessary. Every version comes with lots of features as standard – all but the earliest entry-level cars have electric front seat adjustment, sat-nav, leather trim and front and rear parking sensors. High-spec models are true luxury cars, yet they’re still capable as off-roaders.

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Land Rover Discovery off-road driving

9. Best used MPV: Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max shatters the idea that a roomy, seven-seat MPV has to be dull to drive, or dull to look at. It’s the opposite of both, yet it’s also an incredibly practical car that has all the space and versatility most families will ever need.

Compared with most MPVs the S-Max’s design is sleek and sporty and it gives you a driving experience to match, with the responsive, well-balanced feel you’d expect of a much smaller hatchback. The seven-seat interior is perfect for outings with friends or family and you can fold away any – or all – of the second- and third-row seats in seconds to cater for all kinds of large loads.

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Ford S-Max

10. Best used seven-seater: Volvo XC90

If you want a seven-seater that’s spacious, stylish, safe and available with low-emission hybrid power then look no further than the Volvo XC90. This large SUV makes an outstanding family car and its luxurious, high-tech interior is a great place to spend time. Each of the seven seats is supremely comfortable and it’s easy to fold away the third row, leaving you with a huge boot space.

All versions have four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. As well as petrol or diesel models, you can choose a plug-in hybrid version (initially labelled T8 Twin Engine and later changed to Recharge) that gives very low CO2 emissions and an official average of more than 130mpg.

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Volvo XC90 driving

11. Best used hybrid car: Toyota CH-R

The Toyota C-HR is a sporty-looking compact SUV that’s practical, well equipped and as good to drive as it is to look at. Most used versions are hybrids and you can choose from versions that combine either a 1.8-litre or a 2.0-litre petrol engine with an electric motor.

Both have an automatic gearbox as standard and feel responsive and agile on the road. Official average fuel consumption is about 55mpg for the 1.8 and 50mpg for the 2.0, the trade-off being that the 2.0 is a bit quicker. Whichever CH-R you go for you don’t need to plug it in because it’s a conventional hybrid, or what Toyota calls a ‘self-charging hybrid’.

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Toyota C-HR


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