What is Provisional driving licence? How to apply, renew and change address on Provisional driving licence

What is a provisional driving licence?

When you’re ready to start learning to drive, you’ll need to apply for a provisional driving licence. You’ll need this to legally drive on the UK roads – just remember you’ll need to be accompanied by a fully-licensed driver if you’re driving with a provisional licence.
Once you have a provisional driving licence, you can start learning how to drive and then book a driving test to get a full UK driving licence. The earliest age you can apply for a provisional driving licence is 15 years and 9 months old. You’ll also need to be able to read a number plate from 20 metres distance to be eligible for a provisional driving licence.

How to apply for a provisional driving licence?

Once you’re old enough to apply for a provisional licence, you can either apply online or by post.
If you’re applying for a provisional licence online, you should head to Gov.uk. If applying by post, you should get a D1 form from a Post Office or by ordering online. Once you have the application form, you’ll first need to fill in your personal details like your name, date of birth, address history in the past three years and your contact details. You’ll also be asked if you meet the legal eyesight requirements or not and if you have any medical conditions. Then you’ll have to provide your driving licence details like if you’ve had any provisional licences in the past. If applying online, you’ll also be asked for your UK passport details so that your passport photo and signature can be used on your provisional licence. If you’re applying by post, you’ll have to attach a photo to your form which can be used in your licence and send in your original documents such as your passport, BRP, EC or EEA identity card to prove your identity. And finally, you’ll have to pay £34 if applying online using a debit or credit card or £43 if applying by post using a cheque or postal order. If you apply for a provisional licence online, you usually receive your licence within seven days but it can take longer if you apply by post. If you apply online, you can also track your application’s status on Gov.uk using your application reference number.

How long does a provisional licence last?

Once you receive your provisional licence, it’ll be valid for the next 10 years so that gives you ample time to practice and get a full driving licence. After 10 years, you will need to renew your driving licence. The procedure for renewing your provisional driving licence is the same as renewing your full licence – you can either apply online or by post. Learn more about how to renew a driving licence.

Can I change my address on my provisional driving licence?

You can change your address on your provisional licence for free. All you need to do is head to Gov.uk and let the DVLA know about your new address. You can also change your address by post by filling in your D741 letter and posting it to the DVLA.

Can you insure a car with a provisional licence?

Yes, you can apply for car insurance with a provisional licence. Many insurance companies provide insurance tailored to learner drivers and those with a provisional licence.

What to do if I’ve lost my provisional driving licence?

If you’ve lost your provisional licence, you can pay £20 and apply for a new provisional licence. You can either head to Gov.uk and get a new licence online or apply by post by completing a D2 form and sending it the DVLA.

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