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New Skoda Kodiaq

The original Kodiaq has gathered a host of accolades, securing titles such as the Best Seven-Seater in 2019 and Best Car for Long Journeys in Auto Trader’s New Car Awards of 2022. Despite facing stiff competition, the first-generation Kodiaq set a high benchmark. The latest version promises to uphold this legacy with its environmentally friendlier design, slightly increased dimensions, and an array of new features including a revamped aesthetic, cutting-edge technology, and various engine choices while preserving the essence of its predecessor.

Value and Efficiency in the Latest Kodiaq

Skoda continues to deliver great value with the new Kodiaq, maintaining an affordable entry price under £40,000. This pricing strategy not only offers a cost-effective road tax option for the first five years for SE models but also presents an appealing seven-seater upgrade for an additional £900. Prospective buyers should weigh the implications of higher vehicle excise duty when considering upper-tier models. The 1.5 litre petrol mild hybrid is anticipated to be a popular choice due to its efficient fuel consumption and reasonable running costs. For company car users, the plug-in hybrid variant presents an attractive option with significant tax savings, while the all-electric Enyaq might be a better fit for those not requiring seven seats.

Reliability and Warranty Options

With its ties to the robust Volkswagen group, Skoda is noted for its reliability. The previous Kodiaq model performed well in owner reliability surveys, and while it’s still early days for the new model, initial signs are promising. New Skoda vehicles come with a three-year warranty up to 60,000 miles, extendable at the point of purchase for longer coverage. Additionally, Extended Warranties provide further reassurance.

Enhanced Comfort and Customisation in the New Kodiaq

The latest Kodiaq offers more space and a series of storage enhancements. All models now feature automatic transmission for a smoother driving experience, and interior upgrades reflect a homely atmosphere with options for customised trim levels featuring sustainable materials. The high-end trims offer luxurious additions like massage seats and advanced infotainment systems, enhancing comfort and convenience.

Gold 2024 Skoda Kodiaq rear

 Practical Features and Updated Engine Options

The Kodiaq continues to include practical features like the umbrella holder and ice scraper, now made from sustainable materials. The new door edge protectors and optional head-up display enhance functionality and safety. The engine range has been refreshed, including a new mild hybrid option and the anticipated plug-in hybrid variant, promising efficient urban and long-distance driving. The engine line-up has been updated for the new Kodiaq.

The 1.5-litre petrol from the previous model is now a mild hybrid to increase efficiency. It coped admirably, feeling stable as it weaved its way over Spanish hills on our test drive, but it had to try hard to pick up pace and never felt quick. Skoda will also be offering the Kodiaq as a plug-in hybrid, providing up to 62 miles on battery power alone.

We enjoyed the smooth acceleration from the EV mode, hardly experiencing the engine kick in on our short test route, so we look forward to trying one in the UK to see what real world range we can achieve. Alternatively, you can still have a diesel Kodiaq with either two- or four-wheel drive.

These options will be preferrable if you are regularly transporting large families and all the luggage that comes with them. We tried the 4×4 diesel which, although more powerful, didn’t seem noticeably quicker than the mild hybrid. Finally, there’s a range topping 2.0-litre petrol which is only available as a four-wheel drive and we haven’t driven it yet. While none of the current variations are excessively powerful, they offer enough for day-to-day needs, however a faster vRS version is expected to arrive in December for those after a family car that packs a little more punch.


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